A pilot study in south London, backed by the Elton John Aids Foundation, is finding people who did not know they were infected with the virus, by testing people as they go into A&E.

Channel 4 have reported on the success of the SIB funded project of which OHL were a part – https://www.channel4.com/news/aids-testing-pilot-backed-by-elton-john-aids-foundation-hailed-a-success

On Tuesday 2nd December, following World AIDs Day, an independent HIV commission called for testing to be expanded across England at an event watched by over 500 people and released a report which can be found at https://www.hivcommission.org.uk/

The section on HIV testing has also been released as a separate document (click here to view)

Steve Hindle, Social Impact Bond Performance Manager said:

“You will see that the learning from the Zero HIV Social Impact Bond programme is a key part of the evidence supporting the recommendations about opt out HIV testing. We are so grateful for everyone across Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham who have worked so hard to provide such compelling evidence of the impact of HIV testing and reengagement of those lost to follow up – many thanks!”

“Next steps will be for the government to deliver on Matt Hancock’s commitment to develop an action plan in response to the recommendations, and we will share news of this as we have it.”


Additional media reading/coverage of the project (and AIDS,HIV) can be found below: