Covid-19 Remote Monitoring

 Many of our patients discharged from care with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 need ongoing monitoring to support them if/when their condition deteriorates.

Working closely with our partners, we have developed an innovative way of supporting our patients, ensuring that all Lewisham patients with deteriorating respiratory health resulting from COVID-19 are identified and provided the appropriate clinical support they need.

Our Covid-19 Remote monitoring service allows for you to be monitored remotely while you are at home recovering. This will help make sure you remain safe and recover as quickly as possible.

How does the monitoring work? 

  • You will be asked to complete an assessment – this is usually every 24 hours. A doctor may decide to change how often they want you to complete assessments.
  • Assessments are completed over WhatsApp. If you are unable to access WhatsApp, assessments can be completed over the phone.
  • The assessment is made up of a number of questions carefully designed to help the clinicians spot anything worrying.
  • The clinical team will review your assessment. If they are concerned by any of your answers, they will contact you on WhatsApp or with a phone call.
  • Once your symptoms have improved, they will discharge you from the monitoring service and you will stop receiving message and/or phone calls.

How do I register?

Scan the below QR code (or visit )


You will be presented with the registration website as shown in Fig 1

Complete the short enrolment questions as located by the arrows (fig 2 shows a close up)

There are up to 17 short questions which should take you only a few minutes to complete.

I have registered! What do I need to do? 

  1. As soon as the form is submitted, you will receive an invitation message over WhatsApp. Please follow the instructions. If you do not have WhatsApp, you will receive a phone call in the next 24 hours.
  2. You will receive reminder messages when you need to complete an assessment.
  3. You can also manually trigger an assessment if you start to feel worse. This can be done by sending any message to the WhatsApp number.

Further information can be found in the FAQs here.

If you have any technical issues with the platform, please email, or you can send a WhatsApp message to +44 7949 877093.