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Doctors of the World Mobile Clinic Service

For vulnerable people; refugees, unregistered, undocumented, and who may be frightened to see a doctor.

In recognition of the barriers to healthcare faced by people in vulnerable circumstances, including asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, One Health Lewisham commits to taking steps to ensure that everyone in our community may fulfil their entitlement to quality healthcare.

In doing this, we encourage and support all GP practices and primary care providers in our commissioning area to become Safe Surgeries; to implement inclusive and accessible patient registration policies and; to provide equitable healthcare.

We will work in partnership with Doctors of the World UK, patient groups, community organisations and other local stakeholders to fulfil these goals.


The Doctors of the World clinics can help their clients to:

  • Get help registering with a GP (a doctor)
  • Consult in private with a medical professional
  • Understand NHS entitlement to medical care
  • What to do if they get a bill
  • Receive pregnancy & birth control help, support and advice
  • Receive support to find other useful services useful
  • Get help filling in HC1 Forms (prescriptions, dental care and glasses 

The DOTW Clinic is not currently able to visit Lewisham due to COVID

Find out more about the DOTW Mobile Clinics by clicking here

Who are Doctors of the World?

Doctors of the World UK is part of the global Médecins du Monde (MDM) network which fights to reduce health inequalities by improving long-term access to healthcare in the UK and internationally. They believe access to healthcare is a human right, but all too often it is denied to the most vulnerable in society, such as refugees, the homeless and trafficked people. They focus on long-term systemic changes, rather than quick fixes.

In the UK, as the government continues its policy of using healthcare to create a ‘hostile environment’, their patients experience increasing barriers when accessing healthcare, both legislative and administrative. The Doctors of the World clinic, currently based in Stratford has been established for more than 10 years, helping some of the most marginalised people in the UK to access healthcare. Doctors of the World volunteer doctors and nurses provide consultations to service users, while  caseworkers help with issues such as registering with a GP which everyone in the UK, regardless of immigration status has the right to.

Doctor of the World have started running outreach sessions taking health services to vulnerable people across the capital and surrounding area. The clinics takes the form of a ‘roaming’ team with a volunteer doctor or nurse, a support worker and clinic supervisor, who visits London locations and partner organisations where vulnerable people live, work or meet and provide basic on the-spot medical advice.

Those with serious medical problems or legal issues will be linked in with appropriate healthcare providers or a relevant advisor.

Through the mobile clinic, they will target groups such as undocumented children, domestic workers subject to exploitation, the homeless and sex workers.

The mobile clinic has a mobile consultation room and separate information desk. This allows them to be close to the places people live and work to provide healthcare in a quality, confidential space.

Currently Doctors of the World are running mobile clinics once a month in Lewisham with Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Centre. They are in the process of finding other locations around the borough to run clinics, so if you would like them to come and run a clinic with your organisation please contact them on


Find out more about the work of Doctors of the World by visiting their website here