The FeNO and Spirometry Clinic

(part of Respiratory Hub)


What to expect at the FeNO and Spirometry Clinic

What is a FeNO and Spirometry test?

FeNO stands for ‘fractional exhaled nitric oxide’.

A FeNO test measures the levels of nitric oxide when you breathe out. Nitric oxide is produced in your lungs when your airways are inflamed because you’re allergic to something you’ve breathed in.

Do I need to prepare for the test?

Yes, you will need to refrain from some types of food and drink. Please read this document:

How long will my appointment be?

Around 45 minutes

Where is my appointment?

37 Marvels Lane, SE12 9PN – Immediately to your left as you pass through the gates on Marvels Lane through to Pennington Way, you will see a door with signage that says, “Respiratory Hub”. Please knock on the door loudly and wait to be answered. It may be that our clinicians are with a patient and unable to answer the door immediately, so please be patient and knock the door again if you are kept waiting more that a few minutes.

Can I park my car nearby?

Yes, there is free street parking available on Marvels Lane and Pennington Way. Be aware that some parts of the street have double yellow lines. Please do not use the taxi or ambulance bays ate the front-side of the building.

Can I get the bus?

Yes, the number 284 and 124 bus both stop nearby.

Who can I contact about my appointment once it is booked by my GP surgery?

You can call us on 0203 640 2113 opt. 4