The GP Retainer Scheme

Are you interested in offering flexible working to GPs who are struggling to fit in caring or other outside commitments into their work load, and are looking for flexible working arrangements?
If so, you may be interested to learn about the GP retainer scheme which provides you with funding towards the cost of recruitment and provides a flexible working scheme for eligible GPs to work between 1-4 sessions per week

What is it?

  • Flexible scheme 1-4 sessions per week for GPs looking to leave profession as they have no option  but to reduce their working hours.

Who is it for?

  • Those looking to reduce their working hours due to parental/caring responsibilities or later in their career and looking to reduce hours

Benefits for practices

  • Financial support (currently , practices can claim payment of £76.92 for each session GP works), GP retention, GPs who may have additional clinical skills to contribute towards practice services / income

Benefits for GPs

  • Flexible working, financial support in recognition of the fact that this role is different to a ‘regular’ salaried GP post, job plan, development days and CPD time.
  • Nominated educational supervisor in your practice

Employment contract details

  • Employment rights – classed as salaried employee of the practice (see BMA model contract link for full details)
  • Session length – 4 hours 10 mins, CPD/Study leave – 8 sessions p.a., annual leave – 6 weeks p.a.
  • Supervision – 2 hours per month with practice educational supervisor

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