Home Visiting Service (HVS)

The Lewisham Home Visiting Service is an One Health Lewisham self-funded service developed to support local GP Practices by conducting rapid home visits by clinicians to housebound patients in order to deliver their care at home thus helping our stretched Lewisham GPs to manage the demand for their time. The service links to Lewisham Hospital’s CARRs Home Visiting Service. The service is hugely over subscribed and receiving glowing reviews from practices as well as patients and their families, carers and supporters.


A Patients Story – Home visiting Service: Mr C

Patient has MI during home visit:

Mr C, a 91 year old frail elderly gentleman with multiple comorbidities was booked into the Home Visiting Service on Wednesday 8th January at 8.21am. He had been booked in for a home visit because of reported shortness of breath, mild confusion and a suspected infected finger.

Mr C’s case was classed as urgent and the Home Visiting Paramedic headed to the patient’s house straight away and arrived at around 9.30am. Mr C appeared to be very unwell when our clinician arrived and was very short of breath. He sat down on a chair and was seen to turn a grey colour and became non-responsive with no pulse. The Paramedic started CPR procedures causing the patient to come round groaning. She checked his pulse and found one to be present meaning that CPR was no longer required but that an ambulance was.

When the ambulance arrived they were able to confirm by way of an ECG that Mr C had suffered a posterior MI which had caused a cardiac arrest and the patient was immediately and appropriately transferred to hospital.
Thanks to our Home Visiting Paramedic and her quick actions Mr C received the immediate and appropriate care he needed.