Lewisham CCG  are running a public engagement campaign to encourage more parents to get their children under 11 vaccinated against flu and for people over 65 to vaccinate against flu, pneumococcal and shingles (over 70s).


Research has shown that when it comes to vaccinations, only a small percentage are actively opposed whilst the majority are positive about the importance of vaccination. Both parents & carers, and residents over the age of 65,  also said, whilst they believed in the importance of vaccination, they often forgot to take action.


Parents & carers often also feel overwhelmed with the amount of information available and which could lead to postponing the decision to vaccinate.


The big concern was there was no one space that provides comprehensive information about vaccinations, written in an accessible way. This results in parents and carers conducting their own research which could often reaffirm incorrect beliefs.


To address this, Lewisham CCG  have created a one stop webpage that provides answers to the most common questions and concerns about the flu virus and vaccinations: www.lewishamccg,nhs.uk/flu


Below are some posters to promote the Flu Vaccine and the web-page:

Difference between The Cold and the Flu

Flu can be deadly poster

Poster for over 65s

Poster for Parents