Can you play an important part in helping to develop world class integrated diabetes services in Lewisham.?

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NHS Lewisham CCG, in conjunction with provider partners wish to develop a local diabetes model of care that allows primary care health care professionals to take a greater role in leading and delivering diabetes care, including enhanced services such as insulin initiation and other injectable therapies.

It is recognised that many health care professionals have undertaken training in injectable therapies, but not all healthcare professionals are currently using these skills.  A future diabetes model of care intends that all practices are able to provide core diabetes management skills such as identifying those at risk, diagnosing those with diabetes and initiation initial lifestyle change, care and support planning and medical treatment.

Primary Care Networks, along with current community diabetes services, would become responsible for providing access to injectable diabetes therapies for their respective populations.  We are seeking to ensure that each network has a workforce that could provide injectable therapy initiation alongside healthcare professionals from the community diabetes team.  This is likely to be a newly contracted activity in addition to core primary care diabetes services.

This brief questionnaire seeks to identify skills related to diabetes care in Lewisham primary care, including injectable therapy initiation.  We seek to identify those who have undertaken training in injectable therapies, but are no longer providing this service as well as healthcare professionals who would like to undertake injectable therapy training for the first time.

Completing this short survey is the first step in helping to bring about a long overdue change.

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