The Lewisham Psychological Support Service

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Supporting the Mental Health of residents in Lewisham

Two ways to get help

1- Self Refer:

Sleepstation for Insomnia – click here

Daylight for Anxiety and Worry – click here

Relate Hub for counselling signposting –

2. Alternatively talk to your GP

You can ask your GP to make the referral for you

Waiting times for treatment

To try and clarify how long it might take once you are referred for treatment, we have included some information below. . These waiting times are provided as a guide and are based on typical waits experienced by clients who have some flexibility on times.

  • Fast – Our services have little or no waiting time
    • Online therapeutic services available immediately
    • Counselling between 1-4 weeks (usually the lower end) depending on appointment availability
  • Convenient – available at times to suit you
    (including working hours, evenings and weekends)
  • No wrong door
    (if we can’t help we will find you someone who can)
  • Free support for low mood, stress/anxiety and insomnia
    • Can provide support whilst awaiting other services such as IAPT