The Lewisham Psychological Support Service

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Service Overview (This page)

Supporting the Mental Health of residents in Lewisham

What is the Lewisham Psychological Support Service?

This is a new FREE service to support patients in Lewisham experiencing:

  • anxiety and stress
  • insomnia
  • low mood
  • bereavement or life events
  • relationship difficulties
  • workplace issues

The service aims to complement other psychological services, such as the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme.

Our service is different in that it is:

  • FAST – Support when you need it most: Little or no waiting time
    • Digital options available 24 hours a day
    • Telephone counselling available at evenings and weekends
  • ADAPTIVE & INTEGRATED – Our counselling triage hub will assess your needs and identify the best support for you, whether that is 1:1 counselling, digital support, or support from another organisation within the community, IAPT or your GP
  • Provides support whilst you wait for other services e.g. digital options
  • Provides in the moment support for bereavement, life events, workplace issues and for those not meeting the threshold for other services

This pilot service will initially run from March 2022 for 6 months.

What support is available?

  • Digital Services
    • Daylight – An anxiety support app using a CBT approach
    • Sleepstation – For insomnia, digital CBTi supported by sleep coaches
  • One-to-One Signposting – A brief assessment, advice and guidance to find the best service to support your needs
  • One-to-One Counselling with Relate & The Awareness Centre

How do I access the support?

You can either self-refer or be referred in by your GP. See the “Get Help” tab for further details

Quick links

Detailed information about the services and self referring can be found further down, if you already know the service you need select one of the links below:

Sleepstation for Insomnia – click here

Daylight for Anxiety and Worry – click here

Relate Hub for counselling signposting –

About the Service in general

What if I don’t like the support I’ve been referred to? – If there is a reason why the service isn’t appropriate for you then we are happy to review your circumstances. However, we would recommend that if you have been referred to a particular service and you are able to access it, that you try it. Your GP will have considered all the options carefully and will only refer you to a service if they are sure you will be able to access it and gain benefit from it.

What if I want to ask the team a question? – For queries please contact the team on:

What personal information is shared with the various partners of the Psychological Support Service – Please read our privacy policy which explains how we share data with third party services (link to website policy needed here).


Service Overview