NHS Health checks is a health check-up for adults in England aged 40-70.

It’s designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes or dementia.

OHL have agreed to assist practices in completing the health checks quota for 2021/21 with two slot types OHL NHS Healthcheck Telephone and OHL NHS Healthcheck F2F.

Patients that are eligible and have had all the necessary measurements taken (e.g. hb1ac, cholesterol, height and weight) are able to be booked into a telephone slot to complete a healthcheck remotely. Eligible patients that have not had measurements taken are able to be booked into the face to face slots.


NHS Health Check within PHS


  • If you meet your NHS Health check target you will be paid (detailed in attached PHS).
  • You will be paid for the completed health check whether it is completed at the practice or with OHL.
  • To reduce the workload on practices payments have been set up to incentivise the practices to gather measurements and then book the patients into OHL health check clinics for completion.
  • The 2021 health check template you need to use is: OHL NHS Health Check V5 2021.

Steps to take:

  • Upload template (OHL NHS Health Check V5 2021) and protocols to your EMIS
  • Identify eligible patients (searches in your EMIS population reporting OHL NHS health check 2021/2022 f2f or telephone)
  • Book in patient into healthcheck slot (OHL NHS Healthcheck f2f (if had no measurements) or telephone (if had measurements))

Simple steps to ensure patient engagement:

  • Upload poster to your website
  • Display poster in practice
  • Encourage staff to book patients into healthcheck when protocol shown
  • Inform receptionists what healthcheck is and that patients may be booked into GPEA with OHL to completed them so they can answer patient queries


NHS Health Checks How to Guides

How to book a patient

Referral Criteria

Eligible patients are those aged 40-70 who do not have any of the following pre-existing conditions:

Heart disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, transient ischaemic attack, hypercholesterolemia, heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, stoke.


If you are being prescribed statins, have had a previous check in the past 5 years.



Where do you source the eligible patient list from? -To summarise the process for getting eligible patients for health-checks:

1.Log in to practice EMIS

2.Click population reporting

3.Select one health Lewisham Lts Search and Report section in the bottom left of your EMIS – (you may need to pull up the tab to see this)

4.Select OHL NHS Health check folder > Face to Face Appointment folder or Telephone appointment folder

5.Population included = the patients to book into the relevant slots.

  • This report is agile and automatically runs every day. So once the Health-check is complete for the patient, they will no longer appear on the search.

Do you have a recommended text template? –  You are eligible for a FREE NHS health screen and personalised advice from the NHS. Your GP surgery has made a telephone appointment for you on at

Which EMIS template do we use ? – OHL NHS Health Check V5 2021, please ensure you have uploaded this template and the protocols provided by OHL

Will we (the practice) get paid if the Health checks are done at GPEA. – A payment of around £20 will paid to the practice. The same amount you would get if you did it yourself.

Are there searches to help identify these patients. – Click here to view the file ‘Possible Pathways For Completing Health Checks‘  for the instructions of where searches are and the pathway of the service.

There are 2 lists within the searches, one with patients who have had bloods and the other without. Which one should we use. – You can use either list to book patients into the GPEA hub. Patients that have had their bloods are some easy to achieve healthchecks, but both are eligible and should be used.

Do we need to book face to face appointments or telephone. – There is an option to book either.

Where is the GPEA hubs. – It is located at Lewisham Hospital in the yellow zone.

What happens if the patient has not had their blood test? – The HCA at the GPA Hub will take their bloods at the appointment. You will need to code this when results are received at the practice.

How do we know what our target is? – As part of the PHS, One Health Lewisham will be sending a monthly dashboard so practices can see their achievement.

If we do our own Health Checks, will this be counted towards the PHS achievement? – Yes, they will be counted.

Contact Information

General enquiries regarding NHS Health Checks

Annabel FlinnDigital Change Manager
T: 0203 640 2113

PHS enquiries regarding NHS Health Checks

Jim FenwickInterim Operations Director
One Health Lewisham

Suggestions, Questions & Feedback