Long COVID Clinic

The Long COVID service provides a holistic service to support those with ongoing COVID symptoms for >12 weeks. This includes fatigue, breathlessness, low mood, ‘brain fog’ (lack of concentration), but do NOT have an underlying respiratory disease as a result of COVID. It is a primary care based local service, with input from secondary care as required.

Post COVID pneumonitis/interstitial lung disease should be referred to secondary care respiratory clinics.

The service will be comprised of an MDT, including the following health professionals:

  • GPs with special interest in respiratory
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses

Booking a patient into the Long COVID Clinic

Complete OHL Long COVID referral template (see below list of Investigations to be carried out prior to patient being seen). Find Cross organisational slot > GPEA > Slot type > OHL Long Covid Telephone Triage

General workup

(suitable for most presentations)

Please order

1. FBC

2. U&E

3. LFTs (we know from

experience now that

COVID can cause

deranged levels)

4. CRP

5. Ferritin

6. Bone profile

Fatigue & Brain fog


Please order

1. Vitamin D

2. Folate and Vitamin B 12

3. Thyroid function tests

4. HbA1C

5. Hormonal profile – LH /FSH and Estradiol for Female patients and Testosterone for male patient

SOBOE with or without chest pain and palpitations

Please order

1. Troponin

2. D Dimer

3. CK

4. BNP

5. ECG 6. CX

Joint pain


Please order

1 Rheumatoid factor

2 Auto-immune screening – If the history warrants.

Although the above  is not exhaustive and you should exercise your clinical judgement, these investigations are the current accepted best practice in this emerging space and are in line with similar clinics including secondary care colleagues running the long COVID clinics in KCH and UCLH

These tests are for risk stratification, intended for patients with chronic/ongoing symptoms and are not intended to rule out an acute event. Ordering cardiac markers and D Dimer tests can help us diagnose an old PE or pericarditis /endocarditis.  

Long COVID has blurred the lines, meaning diseases aren’t presenting in textbook ways. Given that patients are not acutely presenting it is appropriate (in this specific circumstance) for these tests to be done in primary care or an outpatient setting as many Long COVID Clinics are doing.

It would be appreciated if you could allow enough time for the investigation results to come back when booking the telephone triage appointment. This enables the clinician to have a consultation with the results to hand which provides a seamless journey for the patients and ensures alternative diagnosis are not missed.


Referral Criteria

Adult referrals only.

Please see the Clinical Guidelines for Lewisham Long COVID Clinic, from One Health Lewisham by clicking here


What are the operating times? Mondays telephone triage; Thursdays face-to-face appointments as required

Who does the MDT team consist of? GPs with a specialist interest in respiratory, Nurses, Physiotherapists, psychologists and Occupational Therapist

Where is the Long COVID Service located? Marvels Lane Clinic, 37 Marvels Ln, London SE12 9PN

Can patients attend without an appointment? No – all patients need to be referred via a GP surgery

Other Resources

Patient Resource Pack: Recovering after Coronavirus

Contact Information

Rayane Zaiter Administrator
E: rayane.zaiter@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
T: 020 8167 6323
Dr. Ziva BergmanClinical lead for Respiratory Hub and remote COVID monitoring.
E: ziva.bergman@onehealthlewisham.co.uk

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