Remote Monitoring

This service monitors patients during the acute phase of COVID at home with sats probes, helping to keep patients at home, and highlighting any deteriorating patients who may require further assessment/treatment.

The aim is to virtually assess patients quickly using the information the chat bot has provided (broadly speaking <5mins per patient review on average)

This is NOT a long COVID clinic for prolonged follow up.

Patients with suspected or confirmed Covid-19 can be followed up by our central e-hub team, including monitoring their oxygen saturation levels.

Patients are registered on to the Doctaly SMS platform, where the patient completes remote monitoring questions via Whatsapp messaging for up to 14 days. All readings are reviewed by a GP who may contact your patients by phone to discuss symptoms and either discharge, refer onward or escalate patient to urgent care.

In order to complete monitoring questions, patients need an oximeter probe. These can be provided to patient free of charge from one of 7 collection points. The Doctaly platform will identify the devices the patient has and provide instructions on how to obtain a device

Referral Criteria

Booking – Patients testing positive after a swab are centrally searched and traced into the service by OHL, you can also refer Covid Suspected case. Practices can book in directly using the following links:

Are there any exclusions?

– Patients will only be enrolled if they present with acute symptoms of COVID-19 AND require ongoing monitoring of their symptoms AND/OR the attending clinician feels monitoring is appropriate.

If seen face-to-face, the attending clinician will perform a risk assessment and decide if monitoring is appropriate and seek consent at the time.

– Where clinically indicated, patients requiring acute secondary care will be referred directly to A&E/999 (as per national guidance) where patients can receive an overall assessment and monitoring if admitted.

– Symptoms >14 days are not suitable for this service. This service is for the monitoring of COVID-19 patients in the acute phase.


Adult Guidelines

Only for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 aged 18+.

Paediatric Guidelines

Service not available for under 18s


How are patients being enrolled onto remote monitoring? – There are several referral routes such as after a remote consultation with a GP, 111, face to face referral or OHL proactive searches.


How do I allocate a patient a SATs probe? – The Doctaly platform will identify the devices the patient has and provide instructions on how to obtain a device. These points will be allocated based on geographical location. The majority of patients will be required to arrange for a friend or relative outside of their bubble to collect a device on their behalf. SATS probe deliveries will be provided for patients that do not have anybody outside of their bubbles that can collect the device on their behalf.

How do I enrol a patient on doctaly? – Patients will be encouraged to self-register using QR codes located at face to face sites. Or we have the following AccuRx text that you can use:


As discussed, it would be useful for you to be followed up by the remote monitoring team, using Whatsapp (Doctaly Assist) or by phone. You will be directed as to how to pick up an oxygen measuring device which you will be required to return when you have been discharged. Follow the self-referral link . 

(NB – Where a patient is unable to self-register, the healthcare professional is able to complete the registration using their own computer or device )

Can I refer patients by proactive searching SNOMED codes?  – There are EMIS searches available for you to run once or twice weekly and export. Either patients SNOMED coded as confirmed COVID-19 or possible COVID-19; “Covid positive patient in the last 12 days auto report” and “Suspected covid in the last 12 days auto report” respectively. Export and email to the doctaly email address.

How frequently are patients required to input data to doctaly? – The Doctaly platform will request patients to input UP TO 12 HOURLY monitoring information.

Who can review the patient data via Doctaly remote monitoring? – The eHub will be responsible for reviewing patients using the Doctaly platform. Patients that require a face to face appointment can be booked into a Hot Hub appointment or escalated to urgent/emergency care. Documentation will be completed in the Doctaly platform. Upon discharge, the monitoring summary will be sent to the patients’ registered GP.

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