Respiratory Hub

The Respiratory Hub Service has been piloted with a handful of practices and will be launching to all practices from Monday 18th January 2021.

It will support primary care to provide care for semi-acute and chronically unwell patients with respiratory symptoms alongside existing services such as the cold and hot hubs, home visiting service and Community Acute Rapid Response Service (CARRS) . The Respiratory Hub  provides remote assessment, diagnosis and management of patients with a variety of respiratory needs. The respiratory hub team works closely with secondary care respiratory services, both for advice, assessment and appropriate referrals when required.

The service will initially consist of GPs working alongside Respiratory Pharmacists and is being developed further over the coming weeks, bringing in other AHPs to improve the MDT care provided

Booking a patient into the Respiratory Hub

The Respiratory Hub template must be completed

  • EMIS > Cross Organisation Appointment > GP Extended Access > OHL Respiratory Hub Telephone

Referral Criteria

  • This service is suitable for adults and children > 5 years of age.
  • The patient must have been recently assessed or have had their notes reviewed by a clinician (*consent must be gained for referral from patient prior to appointment)
  • The Respiratory Hub template on EMIS must have been completed


What conditions are appropriate for referral to the respiratory hub? 

  1. Chronic (Asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis etc) or semi acute respiratory illness or symptoms that require further clinical input or review e.g. exacerbation, cough, wheeze, sob. (Please note if a review is needed in less than 48 hours please refer directly to Cold hub/hot hub/ home visiting service/A&E as appropriate)
  2. Patients who require medical optimisation, help with inhaler technique, Asthma/COPD management plans
  3. Undiagnosed respiratory symptoms requiring spirometry may be introduced within the clinic or referral to community services – more information to follow

What is the aim of the respiratory hub? 

  • To prevent the burden of acute exacerbations of chronic respiratory conditions through pro-active education and subsequent self-management
  • Identify exacerbations early and initiate treatment
  • Reduce inappropriate Emergency Department Attendances
  • Support appropriate Hospital Admissions
  • On-going medication review and optimisation
  • Work with patients to provide access to other community services to enable them to manage their condition better

Where is the respiratory hub based?

  • Marvels Lane Respiratory Hub, 37 Marvels Lane, London SE12 9PN

How are patients assessed?

  • All patients are assessed virtually first and then will be brought into a face-to-face assessment as required (at Marvels Lane Respiratory Hub)


Adult Guidelines

All ages can be referred to the respiratory hub

Paediatric Guidelines

All aged 5 and above  can be referred to the respiratory

Contact Information

Rayane Zaiter Administrator
T: 020 8167 6323
Dr. Ziva BergmanClinical Contact
One Health Lewisham

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