PCN Social Prescribing

One Health Lewisham is working with the Primary Care Networks and local stakeholders, including VCS and local authority, to deliver a social prescribing service for patients in the community.

We provide up to 8 weeks of support for:

  • Making appointments for housing, benefits and financial advice
  • Healthy lifestyle advice and physical activity
  • Joining and attending social activities and clubs
  • Getting online and accessing digital support
  • Befriending, counselling, bereavement and peer support referrals
  • Finding employment, training and volunteering opportunities
  • Completing Blue Badge/Taxicard/Dial-a-Ride applications
  • Emotional support

(Note:  Modality PCN practices have their own social prescribers and do not fall into this service and will have their own referral pathway.)

How to refer to the Social Prescribing Service

Patients can be referred either by their GP or they can self-refer by completing this form – click here

AccRx Template

A self-referral form for social prescribing has also been developed.  Below is an AccuRx template that can be added to your practice templates to send out to patients, for example those on your clinically extremely vulnerable list

“Here is a self-referral form to access a Social Prescriber. This service aims to improve your wellbeing by connecting you to non-medical support in the community, e.g. help with food supplies, collecting prescriptions, reducing isolation and loneliness, whilst you are unable to leave the house.

https://sites.elementalsoftware.co.uk/app/WebObjects/SR.woa/cms/ohl_corona_registerstart  “

Referral Criteria

Anyone aged 18 and over who is registered with a Lewisham GP. Patients must have no current substance abuse and be able and willing to engage with the service.

Contact Information

Each PCN has a small team of dedicated Social Prescribing Link workers (below) – for general enquiries please email: socialprescribing.lewisham@nhs.net .

PCN Link Workers


Kwabena Osei-Kuffuor
Kwabena Osei-Kuffuor Social Prescriber Link Worker - Aplos
M: 07398280604
E: Kwabena.osei-kuffuor@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
Alia Zaman (Social Prescribing Manager)
Alia Zaman (Social Prescribing Manager)Social Prescriber Link Worker - Aplos
M: 07507499785
E: alia.zaman@onehealthlewisham.co.uk

Lewisham Alliance

Natasha Rayasam (p/t)
Natasha Rayasam (p/t) Social Prescriber Link Worker - Lewisham Alliance
M: 07508215764
E: natasha.rayasam@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
Leilah Mills
Leilah Mills Social Prescriber Link Worker - Lewisham Alliance
M; 07904811632
E: leilah.mills@onehealthlewisham.co.uk

Lewisham Care Partnership 

Cat Kayum (p/t)
Cat Kayum (p/t) Social Prescriber Link Worker - Lewisham Care Partnership
M: 07496616571
E: cat.kayum@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
Jonathan Pollock
Jonathan Pollock Social Prescriber Link Worker - Lewisham Care Partnership
M: 07534092035
E: jonathan.pollock@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
Sophie Thomas (Lead SP)
Sophie Thomas (Lead SP) Social Prescriber Link Worker - Lewisham Care Partnership
M: 07508215139
E: sophie.thomas@onehealthlewisham.co.uk

North Lewisham 

Jocelia Nylander
Jocelia NylanderSocial Prescriber Link Worker - North Lewisham
M: 07495525519
E: jocelia.nylander@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
Melita Barrett-Blake
Melita Barrett-Blake Social Prescriber Link Worker - North Lewisham
M: 07940 354929
E: melita.barrett-blake@onehealthlewisham.co.uk


Suzzette Powell
Suzzette Powell Social Prescriber Link Worker - Sevenfields
M: 07534091553
E: suzzette.powell@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
Oluranti Shotibi
Oluranti ShotibiSocial Prescriber Link Worker - Sevenfields
E: oluranti.shotibi@onehealthlewisham.co.uk
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