On Wednesday 25th September OHL held the GP Debate: Tackling the GP Crisis



Dr Clare Gerada_opt

Our Keynote Speaker was Dr Clare Gerada, Joint Chair of the NHS Assembly and Medical Director at the Practitioners health Programme will be delivering the keynote speech.


Followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session which explored solutions and issues affecting GPs in our borough, panel speakers included:


Panel members


Dr Steve Mowle, Honorary Treasurer, RCGP, (middle)

Dr Louise Irvine, BMA and Lewisham GP representative (right) and

Dr Anushka Mehrotra, Medical Director, OHL.(left)


The event introduced some interesting issues affecting GPs today both locally n Lewisham and across the country, and resulted in strongly debated discussions both during the panel session and afterwards.





· Many GPs no longer work the traditional full time, 8 sessions per week and want to work more flexibly working less clinical sessions and spreading their working week across different roles e.g. portfolio roles

· GPs retiring early

· Understanding what is expected of general practice? There is a disconnect between public, government and commissioner wants

· Many administrative processes take a lot longer / paperwork has increased over the years

· IT systems – need to be more consistent and integrated across the NHS – better primary and secondary health care integration – currently slows things down

· CQC requirements/visits can feel like an additional burden

· Revalidation is seen as an onerous process and concerns some GPs, some of whom plan to leave before their next revalidation due



· Promote general practice as a place to work – RCGP are doing work in this area via events and exhibitions

· Look at and offer more flexible/creative working patterns to GPs at all levels of their career.

· Work with older GPs who are thinking of retiring early to offer them flexible solutions to retain them

· Build on patient participation groups as these are powerful. Patients want a sense of continuity – work with patients to understand their needs.

· Tackle improving administration and IT issues at a national level?

· Tackle the revalidation issue

· More initiatives to value GP staff both within the practice and Lewisham wide e.g. OHL gave out GP awards this year.



· Continue to promote flexible working opportunities across Lewisham e.g. GP fellows, GP retainer schemes and national schemes.

· Support later career GPs e.g. will be setting up a later careers group

· Create additional practitioner groups to offer peer support to all groups of GPs and other healthcare professionals at whatever stage in their career

· More CPD events to help build community and networking opportunities

· Continue to engage with local GPs to understand their needs and help aid recruitment and retention



Attendees also received a 1hr CPD Credit, if you attended but haven’t received your CPD Certificate please contact Jane Cooper at jane.cooper@onehealthlewisham.co.uk