Dr Melanie Low, Leadership & Strategic Development GP Fellow completed a review of the OHL Home Visiting Service as part of her closing activities before finishing her Fellowship.

OHL’s home visiting service started in July 2019 to provide acute assessment and treatment to housebound patients across Lewisham borough. As a patient group, housebound patients can be complex and present a high risk in terms of deterioration. Often, with increasing workload in primary care, it can be difficult and time pressured to fit in home visits to these patients during a working day and give them the review they may require.

The aims of the home visiting service, as stated in the contract, are to:

  • Support GP practices with increasing demand for HV requests
  • Deliver rapid assessment and treatment to housebound patients
  • Provide rapid emergency clinical support to the population
  • Provide preventative care for housebound patients with chronic conditions

As the home visiting service approaches 2 years running, it was felt important to review the service and its value; and continue to look for ways to improve the service and further align it with the needs of key stakeholders such as PCN’s and practices.

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Feedback included the below:

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