One Health Lewisham is the federation of all 40 General Practices within the London Borough of Lewisham, working collaboratively to ensure high quality, equitable, and sustainable primary care across Lewisham.

One Health Lewisham is wholly owned by the GP surgeries of Lewisham, together representing over 300,000 patients. We work on behalf of practices, patients, and staff to deliver healthcare services in the community.


As GP providers, we work with the patients of Lewisham every day,

We meet nationwide challenges with local knowledge and expertise, tailoring our services to reflect the needs of the communities in which we work.

We know the patients of Lewisham, and are ideally placed to respond to the challenges posed by the diverse needs and high population turnover within our communities.

Local Experience

One Health Lewisham draws on the local experience of our shareholders and directors to deliver primary care that is tailored to the needs of our communities.

Innovative Clinical Services

One Health Lewisham believes in providing healthcare services that are fit for the twenty-first century. We are constantly seeking innovative solutions to healthcare challenges and new ways of improving patient experiences of primary care.

Quality Care

Patient care is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that through One Health Lewisham, we can ensure equal access to high- quality care for every Lewisham resident.