Primary Care Networks in Lewisham

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan, with general practices being a part of a network, typically covering 30,000-50,000 patients. The networks will provide the structure and funding for services to be developed locally, in response to the needs of the patients they serve.

There are six PCNs in Lewisham

  • Aplos Health
  • Lewisham Alliance
  • North Lewisham
  • Modality Lewisham
  • Sevenfields
  • The Lewisham Care Partnership (TLCP)

As with GP Federations, GP practices and their registered lists of patients are the foundations of PCNs, but, Primary Care Networks are a different approach to the collaboration between health and social care professionals in providing the holistic care for a natural community of people, with each PCN having the notion of place and the idea that communities know what they need.

Health Care Foundation Briefing
The Health Foundation has written a briefing on  PCNs, It examines the thinking behind the networks, explores relevant evidence and the intended benefits and possible risks for the future of PCNs.
Key points from the briefing:
  • From 1 July 2019,  patients in England will be covered by a primary care network (PCN) – the most significant reform to general practice in England in a generation.
  • PCNs should help to integrate primary care with secondary and community services, and thus bridge a gap between general practice and emerging Integrated Care Systems.
  • Since January 2019, practices have been organising themselves into local networks to provide care at greater scale by sharing staffing and some funding.
  • While PCNs offer the potential to integrate care and improve services, there is a risk that the speed of implementation will undermine the best intentions of the policy.
Read the briefing online

OHL are currently working closely with PCN clinical directors to evolve a unique development support offer for each PCN and their clinical directors