Remote Monitoring Service for Lewisham Patients

What is the Remote Monitoring Service?

Many GP Practices across Lewisham are using a digital tool called Doctaly Assist which allows them to use WhatsApp to help monitor many of your long term conditions (such as high blood pressure or asthma). The service has been created by the NHS and Doctaly Assist to help the practice safely manage and monitor patients, and is managed by One Health Lewisham, the GP federation for Lewisham.

If your condition is appropriate for this service you would be contacted directly via Doctaly and begin to receive messages via WhatsApp, asking you questions about your condition and how you are feeling

What does it do?

The Doctaly Assist Platform is part of several services created by the NHS (with Doctaly) which One Health Lewisham projects use to assist GPs in reducing their workload, by helping the practices safely manage and monitor patients. The patients identified for the service won’t need to stay in hospital but do still need regular monitoring so rather than ask them to keep coming in to see the GP/Nurse at the surgery this service allows them to be monitored in the comfort of their own home. Sometimes equipment they need can be lent to them if they don’t already own it, other times they may have to visit the surgery at their convenience to use the public equipment in the surgery waiting area.

The results provided by the patient are reviewed by medical clinicians (Doctors, specialist nurses etc), who are trained to read and interpret the data and ask additional questions if required (or even suggest action such as advising patients to visit their GP or attend hospital)

The first time we used Doctaly Assist was to monitor Covid patients from home. The project was reported in local news –
Due to its success we have been able to utilise it for other areas such monitoring patients with high blood pressure or asthma.

How does it work?

You will only be identified to this service through your GP Practice

Patients will be asked to register on to the Doctaly Assist platform, using WhatsApp

This is what is will look like:

What have patients who have already been ‘remote monitored’ said about the service?

“Although primarily a chatbot, knowing that GPs are monitoring my symptoms despite the app, it is very comforting to know this”

– Ms R, Lewisham resident

“I’m more than grateful for the assessment than I thought, as living alone it makes me feel a bit more secure and I’m being looked after”

– Ms T, Lewisham resident


Why have I been picked for this service? – Patients have been identified for the service due to their long term conditions. You should have also receive notification from your GP Surgery (to confirm/explain what it was, why you have been chosen, and to expect the WhatsApp message.

Is this service safe/secure? – As per existing WhatsApp security, all messages are encrypted and secured so only you and the person you’re communicating with can read them, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp.

The service is primarily delivered through use of the popular and independent pre-existing social app called WhatsApp, so no other app needs to be downloaded, but if you are unable to use it, the service may also be available by telephone.

If you are unsure that you have been referred by your GP practice and/or are concerned you may have been contacted by a bogus organisation please check with your GP Practice

Will I need anything else? – You will need equipment appropriate for the monitoring of your condition eg a blood pressure monitor, if you do not own the equipment we will arrange to provide you access to the required equipment, which may involve visiting a location (eg GP Practice) to utilise the publicly available item.

Who is managing this service? – The service is being managed by One Health Lewisham, the Lewisham GP Federation. Doctaly Assist is the IT platform delivering the service –

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions during the service you can ask via WhatsApp, or contact your GP Practice.

Doctaly Assist Privacy Policy

To read the Doctaly Assist Privacy Policy, which explains what data they collect, what they do with it and your rights –  click here (PDF)

“Please be aware we are now utilising a new way of following up patients who have had a recent positive COVID swab. You may get a message from Doctaly Assist, this is because our clinicians feel this will be of benefit to you and help keep you safe. You will be messaged over WhatsApp (or by phone if you don’t have WhatsApp), which is reviewed by GP’s. You will also be directed as to how to pick up an oxygen monitoring device to help track your progress, which you will be required to return on discharge from the service”

To help with the pressure on the NHS, we are using a new service called Doctaly Assist. This service is for looking after adults (18+) who have had a recent positive COVID test whilst they remain at home. You will only be contacted by the service if you test positive for COVID. If the practice is notified that you have tested positive for COVID, our clinicians will ask for you to be registered to keep you safe. You will be contacted over WhatsApp (or by phone if you don’t have WhatsApp). You will then be asked some short questions about how you are feeling. Your answers are then reviewed by NHS GP’s. You will also be directed as to how to receive an oxygen-measuring device to help monitor your progress, which you will be asked to return when you are feeling well again. Please look for and respond to any messages from Doctaly Assist you may receive. Thank you”