Putting in a shift at the hot site clinic at the Waldron Centre is an unusual experience.  The Waldron has been transformed from its normal busy , crowded community space into a clean, clinical environment. We go in and find out who else is on the team that day. We make sure that we all know where the medicine is stored, where the PPE is kept, and where the donning rooms are and the routes in and out of the clinic for patients and staff.

The Streamer’s role is to welcome patients to the clinic, to ensure that they are seen at the right time, are kept as far apart from one another and to make sure that patients are wearing appropriate PPE (mask and gloves) . I talk to the taxi drivers as they bring patients in, and as patients arrive I try and encourage and welcome them, assuring them that they are in good hands, that the care being given is world class, and overall to make each patient’s experience of the clinic a positive one.

Problems we have to deal with involve people turning up late or early for their appointment slots, and there being a longer wait than is ideal. Clearly some patients are very ill when they arrive, and some are taken directly to hospital. However mostly people are grateful to be able to access the clinical expertise available on site, and leave with medicine, hope and encouragement.

Edmund, Waldron Hot Site Streamer