There is now a special new section detailing local Coronavirus community support groups and other provision available across Lewisham within the Lewisham Wellbeing Map. It shows more than a hundred sources of community support across the borough which are shown on the top map layer juxtaposed with the locations of GP practices and pharmacies (for orientation)
It provides the public and frontline NHS & care staff contact details for local mutual aid groups, food supplies,central community support, advice for carers etc –  how people can volunteer to help.

The map can be accessed at

Obviously during the Covid-19 crisis you should STAY HOME, MAKE CONTACT FIRST (Email, Telephone etc) , DON’T JUST GO

The Map’s original purpose is to help Lewisham Borough residents and care-givers find close-to-home places and resources to support physical and mental health and wellbeing: from locating the nearest chemist or green space to exercise in, to discovering if there is a regular coffee morning, yoga class or stop smoking clinic nearby. Although these can still be found on the Map, obviously many will not currently be open due to the Covid-19 Lockdown.