For Romans please read OHL as we are often asked what value OHL adds to general practice. That is a fair question and one that OHL has spent a great deal of time and effort this summer seeking to answer through our Practice Support Package and Primary Care Support Offers. So far in the past four months we have agreed to reinvest £1,187,000 back into general practice and primary care networks through:


Home Visiting Service – Our service for housebound patients which is available to all practices and which all practices have now used.


Accountancy Support –a special rate (£2,700 per partner) with Mcintyre Hudson for accountancy support and reinvested a flat rate of £500 and £0.06 per practice list patient for all practices to support their accountancy needs.


HR system – Snowdon Office which is an integrated workforce management solution which includes HR management, payroll and which 20 practices are now exploring as their HR management solution. OHL is paying for this service for all practices that take it up until March 2022.


HR specialist advice and support including indemnity – Group access to specialist HR advice, support and indemnity from Natwest Mentor. OHL is supporting practices with implementation and costs will be covered by OHL for two years.


Office and medical supplies – We have negotiated an at scale discount with Medical Supermarket through a group access portal which will ensure bulk price discounts for users.


New website procurement and website health checks – A group discount for the provision and maintenance of practice websites. The offer includes high quality website design, implementation, maintenance and  updates. This will be funded by OHL for two years and will provide for either the service above or a rebate of £325 to practices where their current website passes a basic health check. Part rebates will be made to practices that only need tweaks to their websites.


SharePoint with extranet –Access to a joint shared intranet platform from SharePoint with extranet solution. This option is already being taken up by the PCN Forum. PCNs and the Project Team working around Enhanced Care in Care Homes. This will enable better shared working and a range of toolkits for practices (e.g. recruitment, selection, JDs, CQC knowledge base, GDPR and more).


Data and Impact analysis – Data Analyst support to help us and practices identify trends and patterns, local health needs, service gaps, CQC compliance risks and much more – we will accept requests from Practices and PCNs for specific pieces of analysis and also carry out impact assessments of trials, pilots and initiatives that Practices and PCNs are involved in.


CQC support – Support with CQC registration, compliance and assessment through: CQC resource centre on the Intranet, CQC data dashboard provided annually; CQC pre visit assessment and corrective action plan support  for practices; and consultancy support around CQC compliance.  We have already carried out 5 CQC pre assessment checks for practices.


Engagement and networking – Facilitating a Lewisham primary care social network to promote recruitment, retention and resilience within primary care and develop networking events (for example by WhatsApp).


As you will know we already provide a staff bank facility and support around recruiting and retaining GPs in Lewisham as well as adding additional funds to the PHS Contract.


Finally, we have made a big investment supporting the work of Primary Care Networks through top up funding for Community Pharmacists; Clinical Director training; A  PCN Development Lead to support PCNs; and Elemental Software for social prescribing together with top up funding for the Population Health scheme amounting to over £400,000.


We may not have also made the streets safe, introduced sanitation and built aqueducts but I think this shows that OHL is responding to practice and PCN need and seeking to reinvest in primary care to facilitate and support access to the best care for everyone.


Damian Brady, OHL COO, October 2019