ZERO HIV Project

One Health Lewisham working in partnership with the Elton John AIDS Foundation to help them with achieving their goal

— ZERO new infection, ZERO deaths & ZERO stigma —

For the last year the Elton John AIDS Foundation has commissioned OHL to deliver a project ensuring routine HIV testing as part of general GP blood tests, so patients with HIV are diagnosed as early as possible and patients remain on treatment, to reduce their morbidity and mortality as well as providing savings for healthcare systems

Due to the success in Lewisham, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has commissioned OHL to continue delivering for the coming year.


Advice on the Covid-19 vaccine for people with HIV

The below link contains SARS-CoV-2 vaccine advice for adults living with HIV: British HIV Association (BHIVA) & Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) guidance – Plain English version


Why is routine testing needed?

London has already achieved its UNAIDS 90-90-90 goals, as 95% of people living with HIV infection are diagnosed; 98% of people diagnosed are receiving treatment, 97% of people receiving treatment are virally suppressed.


However, Lewisham continues to have one of “the highest rates of HIV in Europe

In Lewisham the majority of new HIV diagnoses reported in the SIB were through heterosexual contact , in those aged over 35y

We know HIV disproportionally affects minority groups, and in South London 72% of the patients identified were from Black and Minority ethnic groups, who also continue to be more likely to be diagnosed late.  This highlights the importance in offering HIV tests to diagnose HIV earlier, when outcomes are improved, reduce onwards transmission & stigma by promoting U=U (Undetectable = Untransmissible) and reduce the health inequalities.


What is HIV , why would you be tested, and what do you do with your results?

To download a pdf of the below leaflet click here




Other Resources about HIV and HIV testing

The HIV Commission published a report on December 1st 2020, on how to end new cases of HIV and recommendations on normalising HIV Testing

The full report can be found here –  Final Report and Recommendations out now – HIV Commission

The section on HIV testing has also been released as a separate document – Download and read the HIV Testing section of  the report by clicking here



Media coverage

Recent media coverage on the work of the Elton John Aids Foundation, and the HIV Commission work can be viewed below